Faith and Fear...

Trust and Doubt...

Ups and Downs...

A God that still performs miracles...

A 1-pound baby girl and 3-pound baby boy...

This is our story; this is our life.


In the race of life, God our heavenly Father has come alongside us through the person of the Holy Spirit. And

~when we think we can't go one more step,

~when the race becomes painful beyond endurance,

~when our hearts feel heavy,

~when our minds become dull,

~when our spirits are burned out,

we have the comforter who comes alongside us, puts His everlasting arms around us, and gently walks with us.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Firsts: Ponytails, Walking and a Good Book

I went to my "Moms of Multiples" meeting last night. July is typically when they do some sort of outreach/service project. We did the leg work for putting together some little lovie blankets for local NICUs. (There's a sewer in the group and she has the REAL work ahead). We collected new preemie clothes and one of the members will be dropping off little gift bags from our group some time over the next few months. I mention this because I had to go out and buy some new preemie clothes to donate....For the first time in a long time, I held a preemie outfit in my hand. Standing in line at Target, I thought, "This is the tiniest thing I've ever seen. How on EARTH did my babies have to GROW into this size?!" It was such a different perspective to be a year past the place of oxygen, tiny diapers, monitors and feeding tubes. It was a humbling moment. I'm so glad to be apart of this group of moms who share in so many of the same challenges that come along with twins, triplets, and yes -- quads! We all tip our hats to the mamas that have more than two....If you've got triplets, you're outnumbered at home!

Just this week, we had some "firsts"....Dylan started walking on Monday! He's just taking a few steps at a time, but improving every day. Also, we got Kaylan's hair in a pony tail for the first time :) It was a tiny little tail, but a pony tail nonetheless....And for me, I have been reading a book for the first time in a LONG time --- and now I will side track and tell you that if you need a good read for the Summer, please pick up The Help. It's wonderful! I just finished this afternoon. I haven't read a good book in so long, it felt good! 

Here's a couple of pictures of Dylan walking....Kaylan's pony tail...and oh yeah, I'll go ahead and put the movie trailer for "The Help" below...the movie comes out next month!  Can't wait to see it!

Here's a pic of me and Kaylan before church last Sunday. 

Shameless plug for a great book!! Check out the movie if you don't like to read :-)  


Melody said...

That group sounds amazing, Jen! So glad you're getting such awesome support from fellow multiples moms. :-) LOVE the pics! Miss Kaylan looks so cute with her tinytail, and Big D is walking tall! Yay! I so need to get into a good book again. I might just pick that one up. Thanks for the recommendation! Reading this almost brought me to tears. I can't believe the journey yall have been on, and I'm so blessed to have been a part of it. LOVE yall!!!

SallyJFox said...

That sounds like a great group to be a part of, and very cool that you are. Loving that little pony tail! That's a big deal. :)