Faith and Fear...

Trust and Doubt...

Ups and Downs...

A God that still performs miracles...

A 1-pound baby girl and 3-pound baby boy...

This is our story; this is our life.


In the race of life, God our heavenly Father has come alongside us through the person of the Holy Spirit. And

~when we think we can't go one more step,

~when the race becomes painful beyond endurance,

~when our hearts feel heavy,

~when our minds become dull,

~when our spirits are burned out,

we have the comforter who comes alongside us, puts His everlasting arms around us, and gently walks with us.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Happy Belated Thanksgiving. We have a LOT to be thankful for this year...two things in particular :) We had a really nice Thanksgiving with Landon's parents. Lots of food and lots of play time with Kaylan and Dylan. I can't believe they will be 6 mths old in another week or so. Dylan is really laughing and smiling a lot these days and Kaylan is smiling a lot too. Dylan currently weighs 14 pounds, 14 oz. Kaylan is 8 pounds, 8 oz. It's a slow and steady hill for Kaylan but we're making progress. They are sleeping well at night and I love spending my days with them. I feel so blessed. We recently had their pictures taken so I wanted to post a few from that session. It's good to see that the wedding rings fit only around their toes now, instead of their wrists ;)

Friday, November 12, 2010

The blog update because both of our moms keep asking us to update it. So there.

When we first started a blog, Jenn and I both agreed that we did not want to blog unless we had something to blog about.  We didn't want to be one of those people that just wrote for the sake of writing.  And fortunately (or unfortunately depending how you look at it), we have had LOTS to blog about since we started writing this blog back in May.   We have enjoyed sharing our lives, pleading for prayers, exclaiming praises and good news, and using this blog as a vehicle to an outlet over the past 6 months.

Thankfully, we have not have had much news to share over the past couple of weeks.  Things have been fairly uneventful as far as doctor's visits and follow-ups go, so we haven't really had much of our lives to share.  I feel like we were so much more interesting when our life was like a Carnival cruise ship with no engine in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  We were riding the waives and adapting to life as we went day by day.  Now, we have settled into somewhat of a routine, making our lives much less like a J.K. Rowling novel and more like a PBS educational documentary.

That's not to say that day to day life with the twins does not have it's interesting moments.  Here is an email I got from Jenn last week while I was at work:

8 a.m. Dylan crying wanting to eat. 8:30 Kaylan up and wanting to eat. Put both babies back down. Dylan face down asleep on our bed. Kaylan won't go to sleep so I get up and put her in swing. ring ring. It's Cynthia calling to tell me that sometimes it takes up to 3 to 4 mths to get the retro pay but they wouldn't give her any more info they gave me but things should be in process. 11:30 Kaylan SCREAMING ready to eat again. While trying to feed her, my phone rang FOUR TIMES - everyone called me at the same time. First, it was radiology scheduling the swallow study for next Wed. While on the phone with them, my line clicked and it was Pricilla. She wants to wait on swallow study. Thinks its too soon and doesn't want to expose her to the radiation again yet. She does want to watch her eat so I'm gonna go next Thurs and see how she does and then we may schedule study in another couple of weeks. I hang up with her. Phone rings again. This time its Curascript trying to verify shipping info...we get disconnected and then Dr Schochets office calls and said Curiscript said I wouldn't approve the shipping of the Synegis for November. So I call Curascript back and wait on hold forever and finally get someone so I can get them to ship next months vaccine. This is all done while I'm force feeding Kaylan and I'm on speaker phone with everyone. As I'm finishing up with Kaylan, Dylan starts screaming and crying. So, I quickly put Kaylan in swing and go get Dylan (still on phone with Curascript). He's peed ALLLL over our bed and himself and his jammies. So I get off phone with Curascript, get Dylan, take him in nursery (he's crying and very upset)....wipe him off with wet wipe cause there's pee all over him. Change his clothes, heat his bottle, come back in living room and Kaylan has thrown up her entire bottle in the swing. Awesome. so I put down Dylan and go clean her up...gave her a sponge wash off. Now they both need baths tonight. Just finished feeding Dylan and Kaylan is finally back asleep in swing. I'm so glad you made coffee this morning cause I needed it. Dylan is playing on play mat now and sheets are in washing machine.

How is YOUR day going?

Also forgot to say that during all those calls, Dr Blair called to verify tomorrow's appt and Mona called to see about tonight. It's like every person I know called right at 11:45. Melissa also called about bringing dinner. I missed her call. My phone battery is already on yellow. Insane!
We will do our best to do a better job keeping up with this blog.  Here are few pics over the last couple of weeks...

"I thought I left you at the hospital!"

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bliggity Bloggity Boo

I can't think of a blog title, so thats all I can come up with. Well hello blogging world. It's been awhile. I know.  My mother reminds me daily. Her little voice in the back of my head "You need to update the blog. People are asking" (Really? I doubt that).  Anyway....we've had a busy past couple of weeks. Landon got sick again with bronchitis. I made him wear a mask and gloves around the babies for about 5 days. He seems to be doing much better now. We've also had lots of visitors over the past couple of weeks from grandparents, family, friends as well as more dr appointments. We've gone to Halloween parties and pumpkin patches and my old work...and celebrated 5 years of marriage!  It's been busy but fun. Kaylan's current weight is 7 lbs 8 oz! Dylan is tipping the scales at 12 lbs 12 oz. He's quickly growing out of clothes and we're lucky to get one or two wears out of some things. We've got Kaylan's eye exam tomorrow morning so please be in prayer for that. That's no fun for babies. Last time, her eyes were a lot better, and this is a follow up to make sure things have stayed that way. I can't believe it's November. It's actually time to start thinking about CHRISTMAS!! Wow - CHRISTMAS!!! It's been a crazy, long, last year. Last December, I found out I was pregnant (Dec. 18th to be exact) ;-) Alot has happened since then. This is going to be a very special Christmas and I'm looking forward to cozying up with Dylan and Kaylan and Landon!  Hope we get snow again this year. Last year when it snowed, we wrote in the snow "We're having Twins!" I'll put the picture below along with some current ones. Happy Monday to all!

My anniversary present from Landon! :-)