Faith and Fear...

Trust and Doubt...

Ups and Downs...

A God that still performs miracles...

A 1-pound baby girl and 3-pound baby boy...

This is our story; this is our life.


In the race of life, God our heavenly Father has come alongside us through the person of the Holy Spirit. And

~when we think we can't go one more step,

~when the race becomes painful beyond endurance,

~when our hearts feel heavy,

~when our minds become dull,

~when our spirits are burned out,

we have the comforter who comes alongside us, puts His everlasting arms around us, and gently walks with us.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds. Good movie, right? Will Smith...big blockbuster. You know the one....Awww...that's not what I mean by seven pounds! Kaylan is 7 pounds!! Well....ok, not exactly seven pounds...6 lbs 15 oz (But who wants to title a blog 6 lbs 15 oz). Anyway, we went for our weekly weight check and that is her current weight. We were really HOPING for 7 lbs, but she's only 1 oz away, so maybe by the end of the day, she'll officially be there. Over the past week, she's averaged almost an ounce a day, so we couldn't ask for anything better than that! She's been feeding better the past few days too. All in all, great week!

Dylan is growing like a weed and eating like a horse. I love these pictures of both of them :)

Finally - Game 6 tonight....come ON RANGERS!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Is this the famous Kaylan?"

First, let me say, I have completely failed in my commitment to maintain the blog since Kaylan has been home. Apologies for that. I ask for grace as we adjust to this new life with two babies at home. Bear with me...I'll get there. Now that I have that out of the way, here's today's update.  We went to the cardiologist today for Kaylan. Part of her discharge instructions were to see a cardiologist to check on her PDA (heart murmer). Many times, babies with heart murmers need surgery to close the open duct in the heart....other times, the duct simply closes on it's own as the baby grows. As of just a few short weeks ago, an EKG revealed that the PDA was "large to moderate" in size and needed to be watched closely.

Today, no murmer, no PDA. It's closed. Praise God! The cardiologist did an extensive sonogram on Kaylan (side note - kind of ironic to see my baby girl getting a sonogram of her heart...made me think of all the sonograms I had while she and Dylan were in me). Anyway, the doctor did another EKG and really spent a lot of time looking at everything closely. She didn't see or hear the murmer. What a HUGE blessing! She asked that we come back in 3 months simply as a follow up to make sure it's still closed.

While we were there today, the doctor came in and said, "Is this the famous Kaylan I've heard so much about?" (I think Kaylan was some what of a celebrity in the NICU). This cardiologist had looked at many of her EKGs and sonograms while she was in the hospital. Another thing she said (after seeing Dylan), was "Oh, I had no idea she was a twin.". (That's not the first time we've heard that either). Poor Dylan...just sits quietly in the background...along for the ride while sister goes from one doctor to the next.

Today is my first day on the job alone...solo...me verses two babies. Whew...The situation is under control at the moment. Both babies are sleeping peacefully (we'll see if that's still the case by the time I finish this blog). Landon took off work for a week to help when Kaylan came home. He is sooo incredible with the babies and they both just love him. Kaylan can barely take her eyes off of him. I miss his help during the day, but I've got to learn to manage from 8 - 5 on my own ;)

Next up....pulmonologist (lung doctor) for both babies next week. Until then...GO RANGERS!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Event

If you watch much TV, you may have seen a preview for a new show on NBC called "The Event." I haven't watched it , but I can tell you that our trip to the pediatrician's office yesterday with the twins can be described as "the event." Getting myself, and two babies ready (with Landon's help of course) was a workout. Our appt was at 11 a.m. and we were up several hours earlier starting morning routines, feeds, diapers, etc. We actually got out the door on time, but by the time we reached the end of our street, Landon realized he forgot his wallet and I forgot my purse. We made it to the doctor office on time. I think I'm so used to just jumping out of my car, slamming the door, cell phone in hand and running into wherever I'm going....Not any longer....No, we became "that family". You know the one...the one that you are waiting on their parking spot, but they have a stroller and 12 kids and 32 bags. Yeah, that was us yesterday. We busted out the double stroller (or the twin limo as I call it) and snapped in two car seats and a diaper bag. We managed to do this while Kaylan and Dylan slept through it all. (Thank God). The pediatrician visit went well for the most part. It was Kaylan's first pedi visit post discharge so we had to go through her history with the doctor (which took a LONG time as you can imagine). When I filled out the new patient paper work, there was a question that said "Has your child ever been hospitalized and if so, what for?" I was tempted to write "see attached" and staple the 40 page file folder I had in my purse.

Kaylan and Dylan turned 4 months yesterday. That means one thing - 4 mth shots at the doctors office. Now, I must say that I've always heard about moms crying when their babies get their shots and how awful it is. I always thought "Well, I've had two babies in the NICU - a couple of shots isn't gonna bother me at all". Um, I would like to apologize for ever having such a thought. I think I cried as much as Dylan and Kaylan did. And the worst part, I had to HOLD THEIR ARMS down while the nurse put 3 needles in their legs. It was the worst, most heart breaking crying I have EVER heard. Landon stood over in the corner and got to be the comforter after the shots while I held down the next one's arms...Ummm.....I told him he can take them to the SIX month shots. That was horrible! All day yesterday Kaylan and Dylan were sleepy, sore and sad. We gave them Tylenol and let them rest most of the day. Today should be better.

Dylan's weight is up to 10 lbs 15 oz (almost 11 lbs) and he's 22 1/8 inches long. Kaylan is 6 lbs 7 oz and 18 inches long. She has only gained an ounce since discharge so we were a little disappointed about that. The dr is having us come back this Friday for another weight check.

I just want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has prayed us through this time with Kaylan and Dylan being in the NICU for so long. We've closed one chapter and are beginning a new one....but it's still going to be difficult. We will commit to keeping you updated on their progress and we ask that you commit to continuous prayer. We are thankful Kaylan is finally home, but we still have a LONG road ahead. She has home health care coming out twice a week for 3 weeks just do to weight checks...Early Child Intervention will be coming starting this week. We'll be seeing a nutritionist, a pulmonologist, a pediatrician, cardiologist and and opthomologist all within the next 30 days. She's going to be getting a lot of medical care as an outpatient. We need lots of prayers for this new chapter. If she does not gain weight, we'll be right back in the hospital and have feeding tubes put in. We do NOT want that.

Thank you for all the encouragement, cards, letters, blog comments, meals, text messages and phone calls. It helped us survived the last 120 days. Here are some pictures we've taken since Kaylan has been home....Reunited and it feels so good....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kaylan's Journey...

I have put together a little video testimony of Kaylan's journey.  It has been the most incredible experience we have ever encountered.  (I feel like the words to this song were written solely for us on our faith journey.)  God is faithful...

Best if watched in full-screen

Thursday, October 7, 2010

T minus 24 hours!

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love you...Tomorrow...You're only...a ...day...awaaayyyy!!! YES, we are bringing Kaylan home tomorrow!! She's had a great week! She's gained a considerable amount this week and we are so excited. She's about 6 lbs 6 oz now and will be very close to Dylan's discharge weight! She's feeding much better and has made it known she's ready to come home.

T minus 24 hours! Let's do this!

We're ready! We're excited! We're ecstactic.....well, Dylan's face below pretty much sums up how we all feel about it ;)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weight Watchers

We've been holding our breath for a few days watching Kaylan's weight. Every night, we call the NICU at 9 p.m. (shortly after they weigh her) for a report. She's been up and down and up and down. This past week, she's been losing more steadily than gaining, thus keeping her from being discharged. She's actually completed everything she needs to do for discharge...car seat study, "going home" pictures, no oxygen, completing bottles. Now, she just needs to gain weight consistently. Tonight she gained 28 gms (that's almost an ounce). PRAISE GOD! If we can get a few more days like this, she'll be outta there and at home where she belongs!  And now for the best news of the day, she had an eye exam this afternoon in which the eye doctor said everything looks a lot better.  He now wants to follow up with her again in about a month but the big praise is that things have improved.

As we start this final (hopefully) week in the NICU, please be in prayer for good solid, consistent weight gain. She's also struggling with keeping her food down too. And I don't mean just your typical spit up...we're talking, full out purple face, dry heave, projectile throwing up. It's so sad and I hate it for her. We need her to keep it all down. Poor thing, she's got tons of extra calories added to her milk as well as some serious thickener so she can handle it. She's got acid reflux something awful and well, feedings are just going to be rough for us for awhile. She can not be put flat on her back after her feed or it all comes up...So, looks like we'll be staying up a lot at night holding her and rocking her and keeping her upright. (Don't think for a second I'm complaining about that) ;) I'm longing for those days!

We are hopeful that this will be the week. Please, please, please say some extra prayers for her and us this week. I've had some good Mommy/Kaylan time this week and I am so ready to have her home. I talked to her a lot about how right now she needs to gain weight...and later in life, if she wants to be "that girl" that just "loses" weight so easily, than by all means, go for it. Right now is the time to get fat and happy.

While most of our posts lately have been about Kaylan, you should know that Dylan is still doing awesome. He's the smile behind every tear and he makes me so proud. In our unscientific weight check for him the other evening, he weighed in at 11 1/2 pounds..He's a chunk and he's doing awesome. :) He watched the Red River Rivalry with his buddy Noah this weekend. (See pic below). I also added a few others of Kaylan as well as me with my favorite nurse, Darla! :) Love her!